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One Night

Romano woke with a start when he heard his phone ringing. It was freezing, and he snuggled deep into the covers to try and get some warmth. It snowed the night before, which would explain so many things.

Reluctantly, he answered his phone.



His heart skipped a beat…at least, it felt that way. Germany was on the other end! It was Germany!

Shit! What do I do?!

"How are you?"

Romano now had to think of something to say really fast.

"…F-fucking cold," he muttered, blushing deeply as he still tried to think of a way not to make things awkward.

"So am I," Germany replied on the other end. "I just finished shoveling the driveway, so since I'm still out here, I was wondering if…maybe, I could go over and shovel yours. You'll get to stay warm longer…."

Romano was still blushing. He really appreciated that Germany was going to do a favour for him. No one else; just him.

"…Sure…" he managed to reply. "G-grazie. You can come right over."

"Okay. Then I'll be right over."

After exchanging goodbyes, they hung up. Romano sighed deeply and sunk back into his bed. He couldn't believe it. Germany was coming over…for him.

Romano had a huge crush on Germany for a long time. Ever since after they first met. At first, he thought that it was just because of nerves, since he had never seen him before let alone talked to him. But after a while, it had turned into something more.

He loved the way that Germany looked. He was handsome, more than he probably would think he was. He had a good heart and a personality to match. But, Romano thought that Germany would never ever think of him that way.

In fact, he was with his little brother for a while.

But, for some reason, the two of them had stopped dating. Germany was afraid that he was too strong for Italy, and he did not like hurting him. The German was a bit heartbroken for a little while because of the split-up, but they both agreed to be friends. For some reason, that didn't work out as they had hoped in the beginning, and they were distant.

But Germany had been reluctant to legitimately move on.

Until now.

Romano heard a knock on his door, and after he changed into warm clothes, he kept his blanket wrapped around him as he opened the door for the visitor.

Germany came over surprisingly quick. He was dressed in somewhat tight jeans, snow boots, and he wore a large overcoat. He had a hat and a pair of gloves on as well.

When the door was answered, Germany politely took his hat off. Romano tried so hard not to blush when he saw his slightly unkempt hair over his face.

Germany took notice of that, though.

"I'll be out here, Romano."

He nodded. "And I'll be in here, if you need anything. And, grazie again."

The German nodded at the reply. "You're welcome, Romano."

Romano then closed the door, and he then looked out the window. He watched the German outside. He smiled very little, his heart pounding in his chest. He looked so strong, shoveling the driveway with great care and at the same time intricate timing.

He mentally slapped himself in the face.

Knock it off, Romano! Keep it together….

After about an hour, Romano decided that he should make something warm for Germany to eat when he would come inside. So he did, along with making hot chocolate for the both of them. The Southern Italian had felt a little bad that the German was outside in the cold while he was in, but he liked the warmth so much better, and he kept his blanket wrapped around himself when he heard the door open.

"There you go," Germany said as he showed him the freshly cleared driveway. "Now, you can get in and out of it easier."

Romano smiled a little. "Grazie, potato bastard."

"You're welcome," Germany nodded. He then went back to the door to leave.

"W-wait," Romano called. "You look cold. I made hot chocolate, so…i-if you want some, I mean…."

Germany was a little amused by his stammering. "That sounds good, Romano. Danke…."

Romano mentally sighed in relief. "Just take off your coat and stuff here. It doesn't matter."

He didn't stay to hear Germany's reply as he went back into the kitchen. He poured the hot chocolate into two mugs before sitting down at the table, getting a tighter hold on the blanket around himself as he shivered.

Hearing the sound of footsteps, he glanced up, finding himself blushing even more.

Germany had his coat off, along with his hat and gloves. He was now wearing a tight T-shirt, which was slightly clinging to his frame from perspiration. His muscles bulged through his shirt, and his powerful shoulders added to an absolute, godly look. His hair was even messier than before, over his face slightly as his icy blue eyes glanced at Romano.

Romano's heart raced once more, and he felt an uncomfortable feeling in his stomach. He glanced down, trying not to make his deep blush noticeable.

But Germany noticed right away as he sat down. "Are you okay?"

Romano just nodded as he handed him a mug of hot chocolate.


Both of them started drinking it quietly. Not a word was exchanged for a while, and Romano glanced up to see the sun starting to sink in the short winter daylight.

Still, not a word was exchanged. Romano glanced at Germany from time to time, admiring his appearance secret.

The silence was now too awkward, and the Italian had to say something.

"H-how the fuck are you not cold, p-potato bastard!" he shivered, the blanket now doing nothing to keep him warm.

Germany just shrugged. "I'm just not cold…. You look freezing, though."

After Romano finished his hot chocolate, he nodded, his teeth chattering. "S-so?"

"How about I do something to help you get warmed up?"

Romano froze as he shivered, confused. "L-like what?"


Germany was one-hundred-percent joking around with the Italian. He was half-tired from shoveling, and he was also a little dazed from being so warm. That was the only way that he could explain what he did next as he then went over to Romano's seat and placed the smaller man onto his lap.

Romano was blushing the entire time, his heart pounding even in his ears. He shivered a little more as Germany wrapped his arms around him and pulled him even closer into his lap. He was indeed a little bit warmer, but not warm enough.

"I-I'm still cold, potato b-bastard…." He shivered.

"Well, we'd better get this blanket off, so you can have more of my warm essence," he joked, slowly taking the blanket away from Romano and tossing it aside. Then he hugged him even closer.

Romano let out a content sigh, blushing even more. Usually he would be struggling in his grip, hitting him and cussing at him, but he didn't dare to now. He was cold and needed warmth. And if this was the only way he could get it, then so be it.

"Is that better?" Germany nodded.

He nodded, blushing still. "G-grazie…."

There was no reply back as Germany's eyes were now in a tired, half-lidded state. Romano didn't mind that, and he just snuggled into Germany's warmth.

The German wasn't thinking of what he was doing next. He stayed close to Romano as he slowly nuzzled his hair.

The Italian was very confused, his eyes widening. He had to admit that he really loved that sudden touch, but he was still utterly confused.

He was about to get even more confused as he suddenly felt a nibbling on his ear. His breath was hitched, his heart racing. He had to say something.

"P-potato bastard…" he gasped, "…w-what the hell a-are you doing?"

Germany froze, pulling back. He was more awake when Romano said that, and he blushed when he realized what he just did.

"T-tut mir leid," he gasped. "I-I was just tired…. I d-didn't mean to do that…."

"S-so…you were just tired?" he asked quietly, a little hurt.

"That, and I'm r-really warm," Germany sighed.

Romano just nodded. He felt his eyes water slightly, but he blinked rapidly so that the tears were stopped.

"I'm actually…t-too warm," he admitted.

Romano blushed. "I-I'm still cold."

"I could warm you up even more," he murmured. "If that is what you want…."

He froze, taking a shaky breath. The very thought of that made him embarrassingly aroused. "I-is that so…?"

"I know, it's so much to ask," Germany muttered. "Don't worry too much about commitment. It'll just be one time."

The Italian thought for a moment. "J-just…one night?"

That made him honestly sad. He was in love with Germany, and he didn't want to do something like this is Germany didn't love him back. But, he also figured that one night would be much better than nothing at all.

Germany nodded, and he started nibbling on Romano's ear again. He moved his hands down to Romano's waist as well.

"W-wait," he gasped. "I-I didn't say yes, potato bastard."

"You're right," he said as he pulled back.

The Italian was still thinking about it. "O-okay…. But, if you hurt me, I will fucking shoot you."

Germany drew an "X" over his heart. "I promise, I won't."

"Well…" he pondered. "You can be rough…b-but you better not hurt me."

The German nodded.

The agreement was made. Germany proceeded to what he was doing, and Romano was limited into falling limp into his actions.

He blushed deeply as he felt Germany nibbling on his ear again, and he was rubbing his sides slowly. Romano bit his lip, trying so hard not to make a sound. But that thought barely crossed his mind as suddenly he felt Germany palming his clothed member.

The Italian moaned quietly, his eyes half-closed because of the attention his body was getting. Germany was still rubbing his clothed member slowly, and Romano moaned softly once more as he felt him also kissing and sucking on his neck.

"W-wait," he managed to gasp. "S-shouldn't we take this t-to the bedroom…?"

Germany nodded, smirking as he pulled back. He then grabbed the smaller man's hand and led him into a bedroom. He closed the door but didn't lock it. All the more mischievous.

Romano sat down on the bed, looking down at Germany when he knelt down.

Slowly, Germany began removing both of their clothes. Romano blushed when he saw the built man's chest, and he glanced down at his own body, wishing he had a gorgeous body as well.

They were now just in their boxers, and Germany sat on the bed alongside Romano. The Italian glanced at him, nervous.

He still felt sad about doing this, because he loved Germany. He knew very well that he didn't love him back, and he wanted to do this with him because they were in love. But he pushed that thought aside, since he wanted the muscular German to enjoy himself.

His heart pounded as he felt Germany kissing his neck again. He moaned quietly, loving the attention he was getting. Then he decided to be daring. He reached out his hands and started gently touching Germany's chest. He was surprised by how soft his skin was, despite the fact he had those large, tight muscles. Nonetheless, he continued rubbing his chest, and the German hummed in content into his neck as he loved the sensation.

Germany then slowly pushed Romano back into the bed so that he was lying down. The Italian bit his lip slightly, nervous once more. Then his eyes closed tightly as he felt the German rapidly rubbing his clothed member, and he let out a louder moan than before. He writhed and bucked his hips into his hand, wanting more friction.

After a moment, Germany tugged lightly on Romano's boxers, and Romano just nodded and gave him permission to take them off. And he did so slowly.

Romano felt even more nervous than before, now that he was fully exposed in front of the one he loved. He was even a little embarrassed, and he cussed himself out in his head for being that way.

Romano then glanced down when Germany removed his own boxers. He flushed deeply, seeing how big the other man's length was. It seemed even bigger than he had imagined it to be. However, he didn't want to say anything that would give away his hidden fear.

He pushed his head back into the pillows when he felt Germany rubbing and pumping his member rapidly. He let out another loud moan, arching his back. He loved this sensation and being close to the other. He was half-hoping and yet half-scared that Germany would want to take this a step further.

Romano's thoughts were put to a pause. He was just starting to feel a heat growing in his lower regions when Germany had stopped. He completely stopped his actions, and it made him very frustrated. He gave the muscular blonde a half-glare, silently wondering why he stopped.

Germany held his fingers up to his own lips, and seeing him do so made Romano blush. He lowered his gaze.

He didn't know whether to say that he was going too far or not. He did not want to do this if Germany didn't love him. He would've refused, but…one time is better than having none at all. But there was a problem.

He had never been taken by a man before.

Romano knew very well that this would hurt, but this was something he definitely wanted to do out of love. But he also wanted Germany to enjoy himself. He was "tired" and "warm," so it was best for him to have his own fun, even if his own heart was breaking with every passing minute of their activity.

Germany paused when he noticed Romano's hesitation. "…Is this your first time, Romano?"

He froze. How the fuck did he know that?!

"I-it's none of your business…" he muttered through gritted teeth.

Germany smirked a little when he realized he crossed a sensitive line. "Well, you might as well shoot me now, because this will hurt like a bitch."

Romano nodded slightly, not intending to actually follow through with his previous threat.

Germany still didn't continued. "Well…do you want this? I don't want to anything that you don't want to do."

The Italian hesitantly looked up at him. He felt his heartbroken tears starting to form in his eyes, but he managed to force them back.

"…S-si…I-I want this…."

He closed his eyes slowly as he said that. He really didn't want this. He did, but at the same time, it made him very sad. He loved Germany. To him, this was a dream come true, but a depressing one at that. Germany didn't love him back. He couldn't have…no one loves someone like him.

This might not seem bad to any other person, but one of the worst parts according to Romano, was that they hadn't even exchanged a kiss yet.

Germany had nodded when Romano replied. So he then took his fingers into his own mouth and started sucking on them. Romano just stayed lying on his back, since he liked it when he was looking at his partner's face. Well, this would be the first time he would be on bottom and seeing his partner at this angle.

After preparing his fingers, Germany lowered his hand after spreading the Italian's legs apart. Romano winced almost immediately when he felt the first finger, and he closed his eyes tightly. The second one being added made it ten times worse, and he already felt tears in the corners of his eyes as he felt the German scissoring his fingers and stretching him.

Germany watched his reactions closely, and seeing that there was discomfort, he slowly added his third finger and continued stretching him slowly. He already just ended a relationship because he was so rough. And even though this was just a one-time thing, he couldn't help but worry about Romano's safety.

Romano was writhing in his place still, however his movements were making it worse.

"Try and relax, Romano…" Germany whispered, his voice surprisingly quiet as he removed his fingers and started to position himself.

"H-hard to if i-it fucking hurts…!" he gasped, feeling empty now.

"Just try," he insisted, waiting for Romano to be ready.

Seeing that he was waiting, he slowly nodded, biting his lip slightly. He closed his eyes, trying to take a calm breath.

Then he felt Germany start to move into him. He whimpered quietly at the sudden sensation of being filled, and he leaned his head back as he tried to hide the fact that he was in pain. Tears were rolling down his cheeks, and when Germany was fully in, he was writhing and shifting once more.

Germany felt the tight heat enveloping his own member, but it was way too tight. He knew that he had to help Romano relax again. He leaned forward and started placing light, gentle kisses on his face, and he kissed his tears away carefully.

"Tut mir l-leid," he breathed. "Just try to relax, okay…?"

"I-it hurts," Romano managed to gasp, squeezing his eyes shut tighter as he gripped the sheets.

And then he felt it. Germany used this just so that he could calm Romano down and try to help him relax.

Germany had kissed him, gently and lightly, on the lips.

Romano froze when he felt this. It was his first real kiss. It felt so relaxing to him, and he fell limp into his actions as he slowly kissed him back. This definitely helped him relax, and when Germany pulled back, he quietly told him to start moving.

He was in a little pain at first when Germany started off slow, but after a moment he started to feel pleasure. Upon the change in the sensations, he moaned quietly. The blonde German was encouraged by this, and he started to move a little faster, with a higher volume in vocalizing soon to follow from the other man.

Romano kept his eyes closed as he moaned and bucked his hips into the other's. He didn't want the tears to fall. He couldn't let them fall. He was absolutely enjoying this, but at the same time, his heart was breaking even more. It hurt him so much that this was just sex to Germany; he was just doing it because he was horny. That was all this was to him.

Romano complied with Germany's increasing speed by moaning louder each and every time he would trust into him deeper than the time before the first. He almost cried out when the German hit his prostate, and his partner's moans made this feel even more sensual to him.

Now the tears were involuntarily falling from his eyes, from sadness and from absolute ecstasy. A heat was forming in his lower regions once more, and it was getting tighter and hotter with each passing second. The same was for Germany, and he had kept pounding into the Italian to make sure that they would both be able to reach their climaxes soon.

Romano had fallen limp to Germany's actions once more, crying out while the sounds of Germany's moans, the bed rocking, skin colliding with each other, and the sound of his heart breaking were filling his ears.

"…I-I'm close!" he warned after a moment, biting his lip as he felt slight pain from Germany's rough movements.

"M-me too…!" Germany managed to gasp as he continued moving rougher.

After a moment of trying to hold back their own releases, they let out cries that border-lined screams as they then rode through their orgasms. Romano leaned back in the bed and breathed heavily, while Germany's shoulders tensed.

Romano then winced, whimpering silently when the German pulled out of him and then lay next to him.

"A-are you okay…?" Germany asked hesitantly as he pulled Romano a little closer to him.

Romano hesitantly nodded, his eyes closed. "S-si, I'm fine…."

"I'm glad…" he murmured. "Are you warm now?"

He nodded, smirking a little. "I'm a lot warmer now…."

"Gut." Germany then placed a light kiss on the Southern Italian's lips, and it made Romano feel even warmer inside.

He loved being close to the one he loved, and he wanted to savour this moment for as long as he could.

But sadly, he was getting tired. He snuggled even closer to the German as his eyes closed slowly. There was a smile on his face, since he couldn't help it. He fell asleep after a moment, and he had very peaceful, happy dreams as he was cuddled close to Germany.

I love you….

Waking up the next morning, he shivered. It felt very cold now.

Where's the warmth…?

He blindly felt for Germany, but the space in the bed next to him was empty.

His eyes opened immediately, and he glanced at where the blonde man just slept the night before. He went to sit up, but he was then very sore and slumped down. He pressed his hands against his lower back, trying to ease the pain the best he could.

He felt tears forming in his eyes. He bit his lip and tried holding them back. He was much better than this. He shouldn't cry. He just got lucky and had sex the night before.

But the same man he was desperately in love with just broke his heart.

A stray tear rolled down his cheeks, and he self-consciously glanced down at himself. The thought of Germany made him aroused quickly, and it made him feel sick. But now he knew he had to take care of the "problem" that was just formed. He hesitantly lowered his hand as he started to cry.

Italy froze when he heard a strange sound coming from Romano's room. It sounded like…crying and moaning. But no one else was in the house but the two brothers. He walked out of the kitchen and went hesitantly down the hallway.


A moan from behind a closed door had answered his call.

"A-ah! …S-si, faster…! Nngh, p-per favore!"

Italy froze, covering his mouth.

"M-more…! H-harder, G-Germany—!"

The younger brother's eyes watered as he heard him. He was having these thoughts about his ex-boyfriend? He then wondered for how long. He never knew that his brother loved Germany. He thought he hated him.

He froze as he kept listening through the door. Something must've happened in order for his fratello to feel this way about Germany. There had to be.

His eyes were watering. It had only been a little bit since Germany broke up with him, and already.... He couldn't believe that. It made him feel very sad.

"M-mio Dio! …L-Ludwig~!!!"

Judging by his scream, he was assumed to be done. Italy didn't care if he was still right outside the door. He was crying now.

For a long time he wanted his fratello to be happy. Now, he wondered if either of them will feel that positive emotion ever again.
This was to support a good cause.. I happen to love this pairing, and just because I do, doesn't mean that you should bash because you don't. Keep your hateful comments to yourself, and if you don't like it, don't read. That's all I ask.

This was based off a roleplay with my friend :iconthewolfsfirstwinter: And I have shown her this already, since it was secretly part of her Christmas present (I drew her Germano x'3)

This pairing has no love really, so I decided to spread it, just like I do for PruIta. I hope you like it ouo

Characters (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
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